Hell Exists Within Us All

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I have been to the dark and frivolous depths of my soul and returned illuminated

In which time, those around me saw only a specter and shell of what once was a
revered and adored resemblance of my person

A once promulgated life made sequestered by demons and a lost journey of introspection

Deviation from the path of least resistance was the means, and self-discovery was the ends

For the true essence of Poetry exists once a soul has traveled to the deepest and darkest extremes of disdain and inner-turmoil

Until then, it is nothing more than eloquently manufactured words in the trivial pursuit of physical riches or unbeknownst confusion

Fortuitous is the man who is struck by sudden questions of being, and who awakens from a pre-determined path of perverse uniformity

It was happenstance that ripped my soul from society’s clutches and spearheaded me into the wretchedness of my existence

Unadulterated, I was able to see my inherent flaws and darkest thoughts that alluded me until the reverie I was frustrated by became unveiled

I have stared Evil and Death in the face, seeing only the reflection of my perceived good intentions

For intentions are not actions, but simply failed excuses of humbleness and selflessness

They are writhing serpents of selfishness that trick our Souls into believing we are genuine and fallible

When in reality, we are malleable creatures of the ill-fated mistakes and shortcomings we are unable to transcend

We are not shaped by our ethical treatment of beauty and shamelessness

But sculpted into impenetrable stone representations of what the world standardizes as acceptable

I have met the sculptor face-to-face and asked what discrepancies have misaligned my being in my ultimate strive for peace and contentment

He bestowed upon me four words that sent me into a frenzy of self-questioning and search for an absolute answer—“You do not love”

It was only from that occurrence, that intervention and embodying state of malevolence, that I was able to ascend and transform into a guiding spirit of omniscience

I was able to travel within myself and see the most nefarious actions I had worked so hard to bury

I was able to understand my misinterpretations and the degradation of my Soul’s modesty

Narcissistic and deceitful would it be to profess that I have achieved enlightenment and ultimate comprehension of the intricacies of my being

Nay, I have only scratched the surface of what it means to be alive and to be ubiquitous with all creatures

We perceive things as modular, but we look only with our eyes and not with our hearts

Mistrust has become our instinctual first thought when met with a new spirit before us

When acceptance and radical unity of what it means to be individual should be at the forefront

So, journey to the center of darkness, if you can find it, because in the blackness everything looks the same

You will know you have found it once you find yourself.

Created: Dec 07, 2010

Tags: humanity, poetry

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