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11:11 Tea Time (gif icon)

By anybarra83

60fps/1s/PSD of GIF large files attached

*This is super low-res because I had to size it down to 340x340 to export it from PSE

Ummmm you guys??? I just created my first 60fps/1s animation (this test is a loop of those 61 frames (bc I started at 00).


Anyway, I know an animation is actually 24fps or 12fps, but I came across this awesome prop yesterday and 1. could NOT believe it had not been REmixed yet and 2. wanted to give myself an extra challenge and try something new: create a 60fps animation.

It's been a VERY long time since I have been instantly inspired to create an animation like this, so I am very thankful I came across this awesome prop yesterday.

p.s. L has been watching me put this together the past 2 nights and I cannot wait to show her how it looks so far. Before I share the hi-res frames I want to now go back and figure out the sequence to make the tea bag swing back and forth (I was starting to get over my head when trying to figure it out while I was putting these frames together and decided to just do one thing at a time, so I didn't give up).

Anywho, here is my latest "trying something new" (and for those who know me, you know I am always trying new things when it comes to my art). Ekkk!! :)

** TNT'ed version of this prop can be found here :)

11:11 Tea Time (gif icon)

Created: Apr 08, 2016

Tags: anybarra83, 60fps, tea time, 11:11, gif icon, test animation, low-res

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