"Vampire" Web Series

By matthew

In early 2009 I began writing a new web series based on vampires(i mean it's what is in and currently I havent seen a web series on it). I'm currently stumped and I cant really evolve my characters anymore, i've lost drive to develop. SO im giving this PILOT episode script to the world of hitrecord in hopes it can be turned into something =]


Characters & Bios of Episode 1 = "Start Fresh"
Rantz Perseus - Rantz Perseus is the older brother of Indio Perseus. Sinister and powerful. a leader.
Indio Perseus - Indio Perseus is the younger brother of Rantz Perseus. Appears to be kind, but looks are deceiving, he is a snake in the grass. Smooth Talker.
Candice - A woman who is attacked on her way home.

Episode 1 - "Start Fresh"
*scene open*
2 girls are having coffee and talking. one of the girls stands up to leave, her friend mentioning a ride to her car since she parked so far away. she denies kindly and mentions needing a good walk. She walks out of the coffee shop and notices a man looking at her from across the street. She rounds the corner and heads to her car. she looks over her shoulder and notices the man following her. she rounds the next corner and hides. the man passes by. she calms herself down and heads back out of the alleyway and immediately runs into the man. she stops and looks frightened and attempts to walk by him but he grabs her.

man *grins* "it's little late to be walking by yourself isnt it"
lady = she attempts to pull away from the man, but fails. she turns her head away from the man and begins yelling. *loud ruckus is heard* and the lady is jerked and she looks forward to see a man hovering over the unconscience body of the attacker. she is startled and the man stands up and looks at her.

man = "you ok?"
woman = stutters slighty and nods her head "thank you"
man = nods "i heard you screaming from across the alleyway"
woman = startedled and still in shock
man = light laugh "look im not gonna hurt you and im in no hurry, if it makes you feel any better i can walk you to your car"
woman = " i i i" shakes her head and lets out a nervous laugh "sorry. yes, that would be great"

man and woman are walking together down the alleyway
woman = "so I haven't seen you around here before, new to town?"
man = "yea just moved here. me and my brother trying to get a start from the old country"
woman = "oh your a foreigner? but your accents....(interupt)"
man = *chuckles* "yea i get that alot. me and my brother have been traveling since we were kids and i guess over a period of time all the accents just combined into our own"
woman = "heh what brings you to such a runned down place like this then"
man = "sometimes it's nice to go where nobody knows your name.*smiles at her* just start fresh"
*she stops at her car and turns and smiles to him*
woman = "well this is me. Oh by the way im Candice."
man = *nods and smiles* "well it's pleasure to meet you candice. you can call me Indio"
candice = "well Indio. It was great to meet you. Thanks for being my protector tonight"
indio = *nods and chuckles* "seems you are safe now. goodnight"

*indio smiles at her, turns, and walks off. candice smiles and watches him walk away and around the corner.*

*candice turns around to open her door and sees the man that attacked her earlier on the other side of her car*

*candice and the attacker look back and forth and the man grins*

man = "your making this game quite fun Candice"

*candice quickly tries to get in her car and as the door is opening a hand comes from above her and pushes the door back closed. she looks over her shoulder to see Indio pushing the door closed and staring at her.*

candice = *stutters* "Indio"
Indio = looks up to the man "Don't worry brother. I'll hold her this time."
*indio looks down at her and grins. candice is shocked as she looks at indio and back to the man walking towards her.*
*man reaches out for her face and she turns her head away*
man = "Seems you know my brother's name and not mine. I am Rantz"
Candice looks at him shocked and frightened
Rantz = Grins "seems the game is over"

*Both brothers chuckle and the camera fades to black on Candice's face and as you hear rantz attack and candice screams.

It's very rough, and definitely needs some professional touches to it. =]


Created: Jan 20, 2010


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