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hitRECord at Sundance: a RECumentary [Hi-Res]

By spaceship

[This is the Hi-Res version referred to here: ]

Hey everyone, it's spacey here with a video that has been a long time coming in terms of timeliness and such, as work began on it almost immediately after, if not during, the 2016 Sundance Film Festival back in January of this year. For those who do not know, kouralilly and I were volunteers at the New Frontier, which for me was as much fun as it was work as it was educational as it was entertaining. (As it was, it was, and even as it wasn't, it was!) 2016 also marked the 10th anniversary of the New Frontier, so it was especially awesome to be there at Sundance for such an occasion.

We (Koura and I) thought that this film would be a sort of Regularity, recommending Sundance-related records and such, but I think it steadily became something more, given the history that Joe and hitRECord have at Sundance. Great fortune allowed us to have some on-camera interview time with Shari Frilot, chief curator of the New Frontier program at Sundance (who first curated the 2010 program that featured hitRECord,) as well as Kamal Sinclair, director of Sundance's New Frontier Lab program, and we cannot thank them enough for giving us their time and interest.

So! If you have fifteen minutes to spare and want a crash course in hitRECord history, I suggest you sit back, pop some popcorn, throw that popcorn out the window, and grab some Victory Ice Cream instead, and then click the little play button. Also, be sure to check out the resources for records you should heart right away if you haven't already, and also, since this is the hi-res version of this video, you can fully appreciate the progression of bitrate and fidelity over the course of approximately six years.

To everyone whose editing prior to mine and Koura's saved us a ton of time, you have our many thanks. To everyone who has recorded Sundance-related videos, grazie mille - without your records, this particular cut would not exist. To Joe, Jared, dan, MattConley, and all the staff and staff-related cohorts past and present, thanks for being among the stars of a cast of thousands and for shining a light on those who would otherwise be toiling in the dark. To everyone else - thanks for being part of this community, and for targeting your see-globes upon this horizontaled...uh, filmy film. :)

- spacey and koura <3

P.S. You may notice at one point that LeVar Burton of Star Trek: TNG and Reading Rainbow fame, appears at one point. Well, it just so happens that a. he visited the Rec Room in 2010 and contributed a video record for a project titled "Find the Sun," and b. Koura and I had the extreme honor of meeting Mr. Burton in Salt Lake City in March 2016 at the FanX Comic Con. I asked him if he remembered being at Sundance in 2010, specifically the Rec Room, and he said, "Yes! hitRECord Joe! Are you guys on hitRECord?" To which we showed him our requisite red buttons, and said yes, and also that we were putting together this mini-doc. Such a gracious dude...I was so nervous, when he asked me what my name was, I (no pun intended) spaced for a second! :)

hitRECord at Sundance: a RECumentary [Hi-Res]

Created: Apr 03, 2016

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