The Two Street Vendors - a very short story

By Eileen

The Two Street Vendors

(With main themes of adversity, overcoming the odds, and love.)

Once upon a time there was a boy. His name was Carl. Also once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Chloe. Chloe and Carl had one thing in common – they both wanted to be rock stars.

Chloe watched music videos on MTV and sang along. She dressed up in her mom’s high heels and old feather boa from the 70s and put on shows in front of her parents and younger brother.

Carl watched the same music videos on MTV and also sang along. He begged his parents for guitar and drum lessons. After a week of lessons his parents banished his practicing to the garage, where he tried in vain for anyone to listen to his songs.

By the time they were in college Chloe and Carl had each respectively founded and quit twelve total bands, with such names as Carl’s Kids, Chloe and the Sprinkles, No Expectations, Damn Dirty Apes, and Umbro Umbro. They had dabbled in electronic punk, indie folk, heavy country, and classic classical.

Their parents didn’t understand their continued interest. “Music is not a respectable profession,” Carl’s dad would tell him at Thanksgiving dinner every year. So Carl became a Business major. “Why can’t you do something normal, honey?” Chloe’s mother would ask her when she came home for summer vacation and sat down at the piano to play. So Chloe became an Accountant.

Times became rough. No one could find a job. Carl and Chloe began to think more about money and their student loans than on what guitar chords they were going to learn next. They both moved to New York City.

Carl, with his Business degree, decided that starting a business was the most practical thing to do. He bought some hot dogs and a cart and bought a sign that said “Carl’s Dogs”. Chloe, who couldn’t find a job as an accountant, took a job working at the sausage cart down the street. She was walking down the street with a plate of samples for future customers when she saw Carl.

She offered him a sausage, even though she had been told not to associate with the competition. Over a dinner of ramen noodles and generic corn flakes that night they started singing made up songs to each other. They got married, started their own singing duo, and called simply “Chloe and Carl.” Chloe helped Carl with his hot dog cart, and they would pass the time during the day singing songs for their customers.

One day a big-time music producer woke up and decided he wanted a hot dog for lunch.

The Two Street Vendors - a very short story

Created: Jan 20, 2010


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