The Anglerpod and the Lemon

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On a warm, summer night, when there was nothing good on TV, the Anglerpod dons his hat and lights a cigar. Leaving the dark comfort of his cave, he walks outside, wandering aimlessly, with no particular direction in mind. His neighbors, the friendly cave mites (known for their sociable behavior) stare at the Anglerpod, who had not come out of his cave for a long time. They say hello. The Anglerpod walks on. He walks and walks, the moonlight dances off his hat, and the stars stare down at him. He walks on, across empty streets, past empty forests, through empty places. The sky hangs low over him. He walks on, and approaches a familiar hill, with a lone, dead lamp sitting silently atop it. The Anglerpod stops, and remembers. The lamp used to glow. He hangs his sad head in memory of the deceased; once his best and only friend. Beneath a full moon, he walks up the hill, as his head swims in memories. As he approaches the top of the hill, he spots a round, yellow object lying just below the head of his old friend; a lemon. The Anglerpod walks hesitantly toward the fruit, and looks up at the lamp. He sheds a single tear. Tipping his hat to his deceased companion, the Anglerpod picks up the lemon and walks slowly down the hill, back to his cave. He makes lemonade that night. The Anglerpod does not leave his cave for a long time; he sits at home, and watches TV. Sometime later, the Anglerpod dons his hat again, and lights his cigar. He walks through the night, through the moonlight, ignoring the stares of his curious neighbors. His cigar burns on, and he reaches the familiar hill, which he climbs, without thinking. He sees his old friend. The lamp is adorned with bright lemons.
Just a quick idea. Feel free to REvise! Used Layla's gorgeous city RECord.

Created: Dec 04, 2010


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