Painty Hands Song!

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K inspiration struck and I had to act! A little ditty for the lovely Lula and whoever needs a smile :)

Lyrics if you wanna join in are:

Painty hands I saw a minute
So I emptied what was in it
And wrote a little song for you
Tied a ribbon round the words
And put the words into a verse
I hope you like it, it’s the best that I can do

And if a minute was an hour
And a petal was a flower
Then I’d be all the people I know
To be my friends would be a pleasure
Every buddy is a treasure
And walking in their shoes will help me grow

So this song has just three pieces
No refrains and no releases
A trio of melodic rhymey chunks
It’s a simple little ditty
Let’s get to the nitty gritty
Painty Hands I hope this tune debunks your funks

Created: Jan 20, 2010


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