RECycling, in 30 SEConds or less

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A 29 SECond homage to Marke's awesome RECycling campaign comprised of official Dr. Gory NYU footage.

EX3 by heart.

Created: Dec 03, 2010

Tags: marke's, remixing, nyu, greg, applause, the johnsons, steps, speaking, people, audience, question, regular joe, instructions, cheering, internet, event, marke johnson, auditorium, logo, assistance, the madeshop, how to, marke, appearance, helping, edits, joe, outside, are we recoridng, hitrecord, college, dr. gory, microphone, made shop, live, hd, mattconley, matt, wires, help, editing, art, cords, joseph, matt's, nyc, advice, ovation, school, remix, regularjoe, jgl, university, card, crowd, camera, for, clapping, new york university, uploading, things, memory card, computers, questions, the made shop, fans, tour, acting, madeshop, screen, devices, discussion, matt conley, where, new york, stage

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