Solidifying Situation

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Nauseating news has befallen our wondrous world today.
We have been informed that the world is near it's end.
That wonderful man on the television painted a picture of our petrifying predicament.

Apparently some unforeseen, uncalculated, massive expansion of the universe is due to set in motion the 'Big Freeze' cosmological scenario, and subsequently subject out suitably sustainable situation to a subtle change of circumstances.

To say I'm upset is an understatement of unbelievable proportions.

With reprehensible rapidity the temperature outside will dip to absolute zero.

I do not take well to the cold. In the days approaching our catastrophic climax, to have to suffer from a biting wind bellowing in ones face is not appreciated. How exactly is Carthage, my cat meant to manage this mess? He's going to be dreadfully displeased.

For now I'm going to have to contemplate this circumstance, and consider my next move.

Created: Dec 02, 2010


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