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By Harvest

Going to Split this into Several Elements:

TSVN (Televised Super Villain Network)

So after MissAmerica's lastest update and reading over my last treatment as well as MattConley's latest (check the Resources), I'm beginning to think this is less a series of Shorts and more a 'Televised Network' that could easily fit into a 10-15 minute segment or video. (Or a Series of 5 minute videos)  

The Main Show would be displaying the various Tip videos. I'm still pretty keen toward the Before and After videos for following the Tip Advice, as a format. 

But you could also take what MissAmerica mentioned, where-in a Narrator or Old Retired Villain is hosting a Television show about these tips and then Throws it to Commercials that are geared and aimed toward Supervillains.

Queue Matt's idea about 'Infomercials', where washed up villains go to try and sort out a Career.

You could take it a few steps further and have product placements for various Supervillain Products (Death Ray Components, Acid Resistant Vats "For when you need to Suspend your Hero's Loved ones over a fiendishly appropriate Death Trap, the next day! Free Shipping and Delivery!" or 'Super Villain Rehab' commercials.

And then after the Commercial breaks, come back to the Retired Villain sitting in his velvet chair and introducing some more tips.

Part of me secretly hopes this happens, just so you can have some plucky young Hero looking to make a name for himself/themselves by busting into the Retired villain's television program intent on putting him away only for the Villain to make use of several of the Tips he/she has talked about in putting the plucky hero down rather swiftly and with ease. 

"...Join us next time, Villains and N'er do 'ells when my guest will be Dr. Hawkmun of the Spatial Disruption Society, we'll be talking about Dark Matter applications and Levitation tricks to keep you out of harm's way!"


Mixed Media Collage Coffee Table Book

I think this could be a really strong secondary effort to come out of this Project. A Collage effort from various HitRECord artists, depicting Illustrations, Blueprints, Designs, Advice, Personal Accounts etc.

A Simple, even small coffee table book with dedicated Tips sorted for Thematic purposes (A Guide to Villain, for Beginners, Advanced, For Thrill-seekers, for the Fashionable, for Masochists, For Egotists etc. etc.). 

It would bring together a broad assortment of various Artists on the Site from Illustrations, Photographers, Collage Curators and Writers (Tips + Written designs/formulas/invention descriptions). 

Could even design it around whatever character(s) are brought up in the Video series this project is leaning toward. 

But yes, just some expanded thoughts on this project so far. Can't wait for more information and ideas to play around with and explore more of!

More Villain Brainstorming

Created: Mar 17, 2016

Tags: super villain brainstorming, guide to being a supervillain, project, fiction, request, remix, theme, satire

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