I've Got Something To Show You

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You wanted to know what it was like here because you've never been around. I have. Well, I am around now, and I wanted to ease your curiosity. Remember how we used to imagine this all the time, many years ago? Yeah, well, we got it all wrong. It's actually kind of... I guess the pessimist side of me would say "boring", but I'm going to ignore that part and say it's anything but boring. It's just that, and once again, this is just another guess, it all comes from my own mind. Being here is like if someone took my mental images of a roller coaster park and actually created them. Notice how none of this makes sense. It is like that too. Nothing really makes sense, but that's just the way it is, and you wanted to know, so I am telling you. Trees are all around, and there's a lake. It's very quiet at night, and strangely enough it's always a full moon. I'm glad I'm not a were-wolf, but I wish I could meet one. It's always starry too. Yes, there are birds, they wake me up when they start singing, and it's always sunny and colorful, it's almost unexplainable, but didn't I say that already? I'm going in circles. I'm sorry.

But here's one thing I realized that I think you should know. And you can tell everyone about this.

Existence is not random. If it were, I wouldn't be standing on the roller coaster of my life, filled with images of my childhood heroes and the cartoons we used to watch together. If it were, I'd be anywhere else, and I wouldn't be happy, and I would most definitely be bored, and I wouldn't know what to do with myself. It's not random because there's something inside you (which is now very obvious to me, given the circumstances) that makes you want to punch people on the face when they ask those stupid questions, because they really are stupid. But I don't have enough guts to call them blind or ignorants... after all, they're not in my position. But I'm honest, and you can trust me, and I know you will believe me when I tell you all this, and now you know.

It doesn't just end. It goes on. For how long, I don't know, but I will someday. And then when we meet, I'll take you to the roller coaster park.

Created: Dec 02, 2010


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