My Only Sunshine will Fade

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If You Met Me
For the First Time Now
What Would You Think?
If This Canvas Handed You a Pen
What Would You Ink?

Sometimes I Cant Remember
The Start, Middle or End
But Maybe i Don’t Want To
Walk that Avenue Again

I Don’t Think That Anybody Truly Cares
Wait Until the Headlines Reappear
'My Only Sunshine Will Fade'
..I Hear Them Say
When They’re Not Making Fun of Me

Im Inviting Everyone with Lungs To listen
We all Wear our Heart Upon our Sleeves
But i Sing About it
Sometimes i Can’t Remember
The Start, Middle or End

Piece by Piece i See
Tiny Parts of Me
Littered in This Beauty Scene

Created: Nov 30, 2010


daveitferris Audio Media