The Blue Dildo REimagined

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Ever since I heard Alanis Morissette's morose cover of "My Humps", I've always wanted to take a silly song and make a heartwrenchingly depressing ballad of it. Enter, our good ol' Blue Dildo... Thanks to LexiScherr for creating the project/giving me an excuse to record this!


Verses: Gm, D#

Choruses: F, D# (x3) F, G#7(ish)

Guitar tuned D# G# C# G A D


For some time now he's been stalking me

I hurry home 'cos he won’t let me be

I run up my steps, and what do I see?

A brown bag I open carefully

Ohhh, it’s a blue dildo

I sneak in with the package in tow

How will I explain this to my bro?

I’ve got the package safely hidden

What an obscene gift to be given

Despite my terror and horrific offence

I have to save it as evidence

Ohhh, it’s a blue dildo

How will I explain this to my bro?


Working file contains raw and effected (I hate saying "wet") stems alike. What else can we add to this, musicians??

Cover art: Halley's Comet by Tiddles

Created: Mar 10, 2016

Tags: the blue dildo, remix, song, cover, ballad, acoustic guitar, vocals, singing, lexischerr, musical reimaginings, pamagotchi

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