Check Before You Speak

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By now I shouldn't be surprised by the situations I let my mouth talk me into....But then again i always find a new way to take embarrassment to another level.

So I went to see my Aunt Kathy the other day, mainly to try to sweet talk her into doing my hair ......for free. Enter C. whilst I was laying it on thick to my Aunt Kathy, a surprised C came in and kissed me on the forehead. . .

Just a lil background before i get back to my story, C is a friend of the family and an ex-girlfriend of my uncle. I've know her since I was a teenager, but I haven't seen her since I've been back from London.

..Now Back to the Story:

Immediately after, I took my sleeve and began to scrub my forehead while sarcastically and joking saying "Yuck! Why would put Black Lipstick on my forehead, ha, ha ,ha!" Her response: "I'm not wearing any lipstick!" After Silence blew through the room like a hurricane and my Aunt who I turned to for some support totally left up shit creek, I, being the quick thinker that I am, responded : "(rubbing my eye and pretending to remove a bothersome eyelash) Oh I thought you were putting a mark on my head as a joke that lip gloss must be reflecting the shadows, ha ha" Her response: "What lip gloss?" My response: I just got up and left.

Created: Nov 30, 2010


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