Vinyl, in 30 SEConds or less

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Here's a short contribution to both the "Vinyl Collaboration" and the "30 SEConds or less" collaboration. It should be noted that hitRECorder marcellepallais has done an exceptional job (to say the least) in RECording people's views on vinyl. I strongly suggest delving into her contributions to Dr. Gory's "Vinyl Collaboration" and checking out all the great interviews and editing she's done. Her RECord "Dan's Records" provided the audio sample for this video.

Created: Nov 29, 2010

Tags: vinyl, dr. gory, playr, cover, plays, contributing, snippet, needle, play, pop, clip, short, collab, hitrecord, machine, greg, crackle, records, method of repetition, album, snap, spins, finger, scratch, dan, logo, doctor gory, spinning, dr gory, pressing, brief, sounds, button, interview, user

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