Morning Confusion

By HillzKeane

I'm glad you kicked the trickster's ass!

I was just before my alarm, and since I'm hearing Radiohead coming from my pocket I guess it's 9am now. hah... But I woke up to an interesting situation... an uncomfortable one...

So, I opened up my Mac and checked facebook while "actively listening"... then I checked hitRECord... and I saw "site down 1-19-2010!" I rubbed my eyes and had to take out my cell phone to make sure it was today... glad it's up again. I'm planning on working on another music video for an original song... probably a bit more complicated, and definitely a lot less sad.

Anyway, cute video... glad we're back on board... AND... I'm going to pour myself a nice mug of fresh brewed, self-roasted coffee. :] mm.

My apologies for the rant!

Morning Confusion

Created: Jan 19, 2010


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