Il.Lusio: Chapter 1: Lost

By illusio

9:00 in the morning.


"I'm late. I'm tired. Where the heck is everyone? I though it was a 9 am call time?"

I sat there, drinking my cup of coffee. McDonalds was filled with students. Buzzing here and there. My headphones were on playing some jazzy tunes to brighten my morning. I was grumpy. I hate mornings especially if I hardly had any sleep the night before. I miss my bed.


"What a wasted morning."

I finished my breakfast and brought my coffee with me. It was the usual morning in the city. The train up above busily bringing passengers to their stop, cars moving at top speed, students walking to and from school. My bag was filled with the usual number of books needed for class. Today's subject was all on the matters of emotion. I hated emotion-day. I always hated emotion day.

9:30 in the morning.

Still too early for class. My group mates said we had a meeting. But no ones around. Took my handphone and sent them an SMS. One replied and called in sick.

"Boo to you."

I said towards the message. I hate excuses. Especially if you were the one who arranged the meeting yet, you are not around. That made my morning even worse. So I walked off my anger. I heard my professor on negative emotions in my head.

"Anger is a strong emotion do not let it consume you."

I took a breather. Headed to the library after finishing my cup of coffee. I've always had this, weird feeling when I'm the library, it has always felt like home. Dusty shelves, the stench of old books. It felts so, homey. I took my usual spot, grabbed a few old books here and there and started to read. Soon, I was sucked into a world of pure fiction.

I found myself standing in the middle of a cobble stoned street. A carriage almost running over me.

"Get out of the way! What are you crazy??!!" the coachman shouted back at me as the took a turn on the curb. I was sprawled on the side walk after forcing a jump to get out of the way. I picked myself up and dusted my coat.

"New threads." I mumbled. Indeed I was in a different world. I looked around, no trains, no students, no cars, where was I?

Beside my feet was a paperboy cap. I picked it up and put it on. I fixed my scarf and started to walk. Where I was going, I had no idea at all. But I was delighted to be here, if it meant skipping Emotions Class that is. The more I walked along that same road, the more I was amazed. I came across a woman in a puffy dress. Her jet black hair falling to her shoulders nicely. To be honest she was really pretty, her emerald eyes gazing back at me, her dress fitting perfectly on her slim body structure and her hands looking so smooth and soft. She smiled at me, I forced a smile back. I don't usually smile at strangers.

"E-excuse me Miss. Might I ask where I am?" I asked. Believe me that took twice as much effort to do.

She giggled at my shyness.

"This little town is called, Il.lusiĆ³." she replied as she left, giggling. I blinked and she was gone.

I looked around and the place started to change. The cobble streets was replaced with cold hard cement, and the place started to grow cold. I stood awestruck as the town that was before me turned into a snowy wasteland.

"Where am I?"

Il.Lusio: Chapter 1: Lost

Created: Jan 19, 2010


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