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Ive seen the future.... and it is awesome!
ok so this is an idea ive had for a while now... but was weary about releasing it for a number of reasons... but fuck it :)
ok so a little background first... TROUBLEMAKER STUDIOS is Robert Rodriguez's production company that he runs out of his house... its an all in one studio/production company... it is where he can shoot his movie on his green screen stage.. edit his movie in his edit bay.. add SFX ... and score his movie in his sound recording booth... its a pretty awesome set up.

So i was thinking... WE CAN DO THAT... but better of course.. cause where Rodriguez only has his employes .. we have the world at our fingertips

So i bring you hitRECord Studios
hitRECord Studios is housed in al 2 story building or warehouse

The first floor is split in half...
The First Half is Gallery Space.. to showcase many of the awesome pieces of art on the site.
The Second Half is the REC ROOM
REC ROOM is made up of a Green Screen stage.. nothing fancy just a corner.. And Edit Suite and a Recording Both

The Second Floor is mainly used for productions offices.
There is also a room for Graphic design work.
Also there would be a room for the sites servers so that all aspects of the site can be run from one location.
the idea behind having a physical studio space is that not everybody on this site has access to the right tools to make the work they would like to.. So a studio space would allow site members a place to come and work with other members.
Plus having a Green Screen stage would allow us to create a ton of great projects. We in theory could shoot an entire feature film on the stage then upload all the footage to the site and the community could come together to create the effects.

well.. thats my idea... its a long way off before this could happen, but its cool to think about it now....and i feel like i should mention that my ideas do not necessarily represent the views of hitRECord management... but i hope they do.

Created: Nov 28, 2010


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