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I wanted to highlight some of the inspirational words I came across over the past 24 hours browsing through the community's REELs. These were taken from introductions by hitRECorders to their albums:

"All of these are things I couldn't do ( didn't know I could ) before joining hitRECord...Thanks for helping me to test my limits - Bloemday

"Okay, let me start this out with saying that I am proud of all of my RECords... After writing this, I've come to the realization that most of the RECords I chose are "firsts" for one reason or other. Thank you, hR." - phenomenaaa

"I love all my records, because in one way or another, they are a part of me and they represent what I love to do..." - GabyVaughan

"Thank you hR community for always encouraging me to work more, think more, and be more. - scarletoak

"in their own way, the visuals are who i am. i have always found collage to express things i didn't even know i had inside me." - via

"RECords I'm proud of. That are a representation of me... I figured I'll just make movies of lights, and that would be my identity here on hitRECord. And while I did continue to do that, there's so much more than just lights. Thank you guys, for helping make that happen." - alpal

"I became a hitRECorder only a few months ago and am surprised that I have several RECords that I really like to place on my reel." - Kavonne

"The directional mending of a meandering & rather broken-arsed soul began, thanks to the hitRECord community..." - ElspethKoktavi

"i hope this helps you all get to know me a little better, can't wait to continue to add to this REEL." - layla

"oh... this was fun!" - HarperHippie

Created: Nov 28, 2010


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