All 3 SiTC's in 30 Seconds

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Haha this was so frickin' hard for me to talk so fast so I hope someone likes it. It took me 27 takes. CHORTLE!

Sorry if I missed a big moment of the three SiTC's, but I couldn't fit any more in.
I said:

"SiTC’s All 3 in 30 Seconds.

So it starts out with an intro as most things do and this one was awesome. it jumps in to Joe in your FACE! And then ARE WE RECORDING

Nels and Yuka rock the house
Rob and CJ timelapse
Amy reads a tiny story. As does Luke, very comically, and the audience wants to jump his bones
Yuka reads a tiny story and is effing adorable.
Then Noah and Rian Johnson read one and leave everyone Bricked.
Haus of glitch, motha fucka!

NYC Natives talk about about the city.

Wirrow, wirrow, wirrow!
Look, it’s film punk!
I am left fucking flabbergasted whilst Joe associates words.

This mass of awesome people turned in to a group singing of row your boat.
I love you, Mrs. Turner!

Holy crap, Sean Lennon and Charlotte sing Nebulullaby! Nathan Johnson, CJ and Lula join the stage for some Triple M recreation!

Dr. Gory films, Jared produces, everyone is RECording…three shows to make HitRECord History."

I miss SiTC <3
One of the best days of my life. =)

Created: Nov 28, 2010


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