maggie's request

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Don’t look so sad Maggie.

Mrs. Button set the tray down on the table next to the bed and looked at her husband. He could see right through the brave face she had been trying to maintain.

What am I going to do without you, Sam?

You’ll do fine Maggie.

Sam took hold of her hands. Hands that felt as soft as they did the day he had first held them. He stroked the soft skin with his thumbs as he smiled at her. Though he was thin now and his skin was pale his eyes still burned with the fire that had always been there. The fire that had caught Maggie’s attention and ignited her love for him. She looked into to those warm glowing eyes and held back the tears. Tears that wouldn’t help him now.

You old cuss! She said. You promised you’d never leave me.

And I won’t Maggie. I won’t leave you.

Maggie put her head down. She couldn’t pretend it wasn’t a lie. Sam pulled her hands closer and squeezed them with all the strength he could muster.

I’m not lying to you Maggie. I’ll always be with you. You know that.

Maggie was silent. She told herself to be strong as she lifted her head and once again looked into those burning eyes.


Make space for me in your coffin
Let me hold your empty shell
When you turn back into nothing
Let me rot away as well

I am happiest decaying
It excuses many flaws
to call them tricks that time is playing
And avoid the dreaded pause

Let me hide inside your ribcage
Let me rattle in your bones
In your shelter I'm a blank page
Guiltless, fearless, safe, alone.


I will always make space for you
Reserve the very best place in my heart for you
Time is powerless
Death is no match against our love

Unlike the flowers above my coffin
Our love shall not wither or decay
But when it is my time to go
Come Hades or high water
I will keep this love growing

I will smuggle it
In the corner of my soul if need be
Because even in the bittersweet unknown
My love for you lives on

[Make Space for Me in Your Coffin – Metaphorest/Lizziemackie]
[Make Space (and a Voice from Beyond) – dannyvolcano]

Created: Nov 26, 2010


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