Burdened - Anglerpod Continued

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I really liked the story that JasonMoncrieff wrote for the first Anglerpod. I continued it based on the visuals from The Anglerpod Votes. My text starts with "So I decide to leave"


My name is the Anglerpod.
I want to tell you a story.
A story about a terrible burden.
Sometimes I sit, eyes glazed, contemplating
I live in a world of darkness
And in this world, there is only one real light left.
I have to carry this light for everyone.
And no matter what I do, slowly
but surely
All the other light is dying.

Sometimes I find remnants of this light, like this lamp-post
I’ll sit near it, smoking a cigar
One cigar for every vestige of light I find.
Hoping, praying it won’t die.

But it always does.
And I always cry.
And so my burden is yet greater.

Sometimes I ask
why was I chosen?
What makes me special?
I don’t answer.
My cigars are running out,
and so is my hope.

So I decided to leave.
To leave the place I had always known.
To seek the light elsewhere.

I’m not sure where I’ll go.
Not sure if I’ll find anything,
But I know I can’t continue on where I’m at.

Perhaps I’ll visit the city.
Where I’ve heard there may be other protectors of light.
Try to see if I can find
Anyone like myself.

Eventually I find them. I find
But they are being used, wasted.

I get them together.
We will fight this.
We will band together as protectors of light.

But it doesn’t work.
We are defeated.
All of our kind

Except for one.
Who will now bear the burden
I knew so well.

Created: Nov 26, 2010


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