Thanks Giving dan's Three Chords

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Thanksgiving 2008 dan RECorded me playing this. Now I mostly like it for his gentle "thank you" at the end.

He found it sort of incredible when I told him just how much music throughout space and time is all built around the same three chords. And, in fact, that the intervals of those chords' harmonies are suspiciously similar to the same golden intervals found in a snail's shell or the Milky Way's spiral.

For the origins of my -- and our -- attraction to that extreme and mean number known as Phi, here's ESCARGOTS ~~

Well, he was determined to acquire a natural sense of said same three chords, and so, two years ago, before the holiday's family festivities began, he sat me down on his couch and asked me to play them. The teafaerie was there too; you can hear her camera beep at the end. It's no studio recording, and the guitar's not exactly in tune, but dan actually had a pretty high-quality portable audio recorder, and he couldn't hear small differences in pitch anyway ;op

After that, he listened to these couple minutes of audio more repetitively than I've ever seen anybody listen to anything. Especially when he was busy coding the v3 website for hitRECord. On his iTunes "playcount", where most songs have one or two "plays", and the second-highest song boasts a couple hundred, this record has several thousand.

thanks again <3

Created: Nov 25, 2010


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