The Wall

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Do you ever come across a wall? Sometimes they're big and imposing, other times they're small and can easily be stepped over. But they're all the same; they come between you and something else. They can keep you safe and secure, but more likely than not they're there to keep you out and away.
Its that way with the walls we come across in our lives. Its easy to see over a wall the further you are away from it. Its easy to even ignore it if not flat out miss it entirely. But the closer and closer you get the more of the wall you see and the less you see of the beautiful things on the other side.
So what do walls have to do with anything? Well, it’s simple. Throughout our lives, growing in our faith we hit a wall. Sure when things are good you’re far enough away to see over that wall, if you can even see the wall at all. But the truth is its still there, its still in the way and it must be climbed. It can get scary. You’re just walking along and all of the sudden you come to a dead stop and there’s this huge obstacle in the way. You can’t see over it or around it, and it seems like there’s no way past it. Its at these times when its easy to think “where is that faith? Where is God? Why must I struggle? Where are all the beautiful things in my life?” Well they’re still there. He is still there. What we never think about, is that even though there may be a wall in the way, whether it’s a wall that can be easily stepped over, or looks like an impossible climb, you’re closer than when you were far away and can easily see over that wall. It may take a struggle of days, weeks or months. It may take a simple step. But climb over that wall. It may stop the journey for a little while, but when you hit that wall, you’re closer to than ever before.

Created: Nov 25, 2010


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