The AnglerPod & The People (first attempt)

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The Anglerpod knew today was the day. And so, he donned his hat, lit a cigar and set off for the City. Brave he was not, determined we can't know, but he went, his light dangling a faint glow as he trudged. He cast foggy shadows against the darkened highrises, shadows that roused the People and frightened them. And he was not alone. His dangling light seemed to beckon as beacon, a call of sorts, or wave, or invitation.

Yep, today was the day they would meet, and who knew what else? For they hadn't decided any other part of the day, the Anglerpod and his community. There hadn't been a meeting like this one in a long while, so long it was time out of mind, whatever that meant. And so, they were here, and there were so many lights dangling. So many, in fact, smaller more distinct shadows were cast. And the pods were in the City, so very clear, well lit. And this scared the People who wondered from whence they came and why. The People were definitely afraid of the lights, anxious not to highlight those darkened highrises. Afraid, and what to do next? Why, cast down those Pods, put out those lights!

So, this was the plan, spontaneous. To extinguish the - what could the People call it? The Uprising. And they did. The People fought the Anglerpod and his community. Surely, such light must be extinguished. And the streets fell silent, and the City was dark again. Except for one, one little Pod with his own little light. And he donned a hat, lit his cigar and set off into the night, his light dangling, aglow as he strode through the City.

Created: Nov 24, 2010


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