Hiding from an Enemy

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Hiding from an enemy, the sage provides no cover.
Behind the dry prick plant, you are easily discovered.
The desert’s foe enough, but then, your enemy too sees you.
Who run get parched and none can hide on deadly desert dunes.

Instead, my friend, I’d recommend a woodland base to hide.
Branching oaks a plethora of sanctuary provide.
Behind the trunk, or better yet, to perch upon a limb,
As Enemy in vain searches, Why, you can then watch him.

They say to hide’s a coward’s fight, but I think otherwise.
Instead, you’re biding time with which you plan to improvise.
And is he brave, the one who fights because he is afraid?
About as brave as he is smart, if enemies he’s made.

Created: Nov 23, 2010


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