again by heart - a song (attempt 2)

By kerryingon

after spending awhile hanging around hitRECord without actually attempting to start playing, i realized my favorite way to spend my time is writing songs and that the thing that stuck with me most from this whole thing is the phrase "again by heart" so i wrote a song a couple of weeks ago based on that phrase.

i was really excited to release it and see if anyone wanted to play with it but then i couldn't get it to upload! after a few attempts and some confusion on my part, a certain burning dan saved the day. many thanks.

hopefully this one works and if not, i'll just keep trying til i get it.

if it does work, i'd love to hear what you have to add with other voices, instruments, sounds, etc. it's not the best recording but that's fixable, too. it's all about the process.

cross your fingers that the file works. either way, i'm glad to finally be playing :o)

again by heart - a song (attempt 2)

Created: Jan 17, 2010


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