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„You wanted to impressed that guy, I get it”, – says the voice in my head – „ but do you really had to drink those last five shots of vodka?”
„Yes.” – I answer curtly, mostly because my head still hurts, and I want it to shut up.
„Oh for god’s sake, you’re an idiot.” – it says, and I can almost hear it snicker at me.
„Watch it, voice-in-my-head, I’m still in charge! I can always make you disappear! – I threaten it.
„You can try!” – it laughs.

But before I can reply with something witty and cynical, a shadow appears in front of my eyes, and another gruesome voice enters my ears:
„Page 61, Miss.” – says the troll-looking creature that has somehow became my Maths teacher.
I look up, squinting, - the lights hurting my eyes - and try to say:
„Get out of my sight, can’t you see that I’m not even remotely interested in this stuff?!”
But it comes out like this:
She is not impressed. Seconds later I try willing the ground to open up and swallow me, but it won’t obey.

Created: Nov 22, 2010


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