Dear Santa: Seren89´s letter

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This year I've been good. Well, I've been as good a witch as I can be.
If you put me on the list of good kids I will leave you a huge plate of cookies, okay?

First, I wanted to ask a solution for the Saharawi people. It is committing a genocide on the other side of the Mediterranean and the political authorities appear to be blind and deaf.

It would be too much settle the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis? Okay, okay! Relax man! I had to try ...

I would also like to finally end with the Spanish terrorist group ETA. I can come to understand that they ask for independence for the Pais Vasco, but not by murdering innocent people. In addition, I have a selfish reason to ask you this: in June I will graduate in Journalism, and I will sleep easier knowing that by saying what I think they aren´t going to put a bomb in my car...

I also would like people in general have more awareness of the Earth. We are destroying slowly our home.

Is it too much to ask for a little peace for my parents? They have to enjoy their mature without thinking anxiously about what future awaits my brother and me. By the way I would like a job for my brother who doesn´t explode him for 300 euros per month.

That's it. I don´t ask for anything material because I think you walk a little short of money, right?


P.S: I would like that my ass stop growing... It´s possible?

Created: Nov 22, 2010


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