A simple red circle.

By lindseyd

A simple red circle.

What does this bring to mind? A specific shape of a specific color, or something more significant?

For those of us at hitRECord, what was previously thought of as nothing more than a common rounded plane now holds a much deeper meaning.

A meaning of sharing your art; Regardless of your artistic medium – from photographs and video to words, paintings, and hand-drawn figures - RECording it for the world to see, and not being afraid to do so.

A meaning of appreciating the art of others, and hitting the heart to let them know.

A meaning of being inspired by your fellow RECorders, and using that inspiration as the fuel for a REmix.

A meaning of collaborating to put together beautiful pieces of work; Quilts of artistic creation made possible by the contributions of people you haven’t met, people who may even live on the other side of the world.

That simple red circle, much like our collaborative works themselves, has transformed.

It is no longer just a colored shape to us, but a symbol of something much greater – a community of ingenuity, artistry, innovation and talent. A community where we express ourselves. A community where we create. A community where we hit record.

This is a very rough idea that I randomly decided to write at 2 in the morning to contribute to the Manifesto collaboration. I got to thinking about how even though I haven't been here for a very long time, this place has become very important to me, especially since it pulled me out of an almost one year long creative funk. Every time I see a red circle I'm reminded of how much I appreciate hitRECord, and I wanted to express that. This is the result of that expression, haha.

I'm not sure if it's exactly what the collaboration is looking for, but it might be useful for something? I will be making changes to it most likely, because I'm sure I'm not on top of my writing game at 2 am. In the meantime, feel free to add to it/revise it/whatever you'd like.


A simple red circle.

Created: Jan 17, 2010

Tags: collaboration, hitrecord, manifesto

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