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The Chocolate Bread Experience

I was playing with my stuff toy peacock, Cockpea, when this chocolate like smell reached my nose. An addicting smell it was. It was so sweet and pleasant like mama’s papaya lotion. Like my brother, who I once witness sniffing some kind of white powder, I became addicted, inhaling every morsel of aroma-matic chocolaty goodness that entered my room. I became a hunting dog following a blood thirsty scent. I reached the kitchen door. I stared at it with anger since it was blocking me between the sinful, tasteful goodness of hot chocolate reaching my saliva dripping mouth. I, the bull, charge the door as if it was wearing red. Then there it was the chocolate bread, the loaf of diabetic pleasures, which has turned on my sweet button. There is nothing in this house that will stop me from devouring my prey I thought.
But before my six year old hands dove into the coco-a pastry, a sharp slap from a hand hits me. “Ow,” I cried almost in tears. I held my hand. Mama spotted me. Her hand was a blur like a lizard snap-grabbing its prey with his tongue. I looked at my hand. It was marked with four red fingerprints. “Go to your room. You know better not to have any desserts before dinner.”
I stomped to my room hoping to make scratches on the hard wood floor. I went to my bed where I left Cockpea. “Mama’s mean. Look, Cockpea, look what she did to my hand,” I began to cry. I grabbed Cockpea and hugged him hard. Then I fell asleep. Thirty minutes later, I awoke to find Cockpea on the floor. I must have kicked him when I was asleep I thought. I picked him up and notice these brown stains on his blue and purple stuffed skin. I sat on the floor wondering. His black glass eyes reflected my face of confusion. I looked closer. These stains were fingerprints. Chocolate fingerprints.

Suddenly, the door swung opened. I jumped to my feet. I held Cockpea behind my back. It was mama. She was holding a bread pan that contained a half eaten loaf of chocolate bread.
“Did you eat the...? Well, what is this?” she said firmly, directing her attention to my suspicious position.
“What?” speaking innocently as I flutter my eyelids.
“Now, don’t play with me. What’s behind your back?”
Wrong answer. Mama gave me a look, the kind of look that almost makes a person want to pee in one’s pants.
“Here,” revealing Cockpea.
“Oh, it’s your stuffed bird with---brown smudges. Brown smudges? Let me see that.” She grabbed it and smelled it. “Chocolate smudges. Didn’t I tell you no sweets before dinner?” “But mama, it wasn’t me. I fell asleep and I found Cockpea all chocolate-ed up.”
“Look at your hands, there’s chocolate too.”
“Yeah because I touch Cockpea.”
“Then how did Cockpea get these stains?”
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t lie to me young lady.”
I’m not lying. I woke up and...”
“Stick out your hands!”
“Stick out---your hands!”
“No! No! No! No! No!” I screamed as I ran around the room. Mama finally caught me. I was wiggling like a worm refusing to be bait. Her gorilla size hand held both of my hands together. She was ready to stamp me with additional fingerprints until---my older sister comes in. “Hey, what’s going on?”
“Your sister disobeyed me....” Mama explained. She looked at my sister, glanced down and looked up again. There was my sister holding a piece of chocolate bread on one hand and chocolate smudges covering her face. “Oh, sorry for staining Cockpea. I was playing with him as I was eating the bread, and...what?”

Created: Nov 22, 2010


Darahmac Document Media