What the People Want.

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What do people want, when the time arises,
Do they want gold or shiny prizes,
Do they need sweets and cakes and treats,
Or endless television for weeks and weeks,
Do they need homes the stand fifty feet tall,
If I knew what they required, I'd give them it all,
I'd spill every penny, and drain every pocket,
I'd plug in computers and gadgets to sockets,
Empty the moon and give them the shine,
I'd bring them the sun, for summer all the time,
I'd drain every river and wash them when they stink,
Print more magazines and tell them how to think,
Stockpile the clothes and paint the sky a deep blue,
So tell me, is this what you think i should do?
But perhaps what they need is a jolly good shove,
Because I'm quite happy in a box with my love.

Created: Nov 21, 2010


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