I'm Sorry

By LittleWing

My empathy wakes me up and
startles me in the middle of the night
Because I can feel you.
From across the room, I feel you.
Through walls and across town
I feel your fingers flipping through feathered pages of frayed memories
hands trembling.
And I’m sorry that my words
took your heard and placed it on a bed of nails,
waiting for it to dry.
That my words took your breath away
and put it in a pouch on top of a forgotten bookcase
and left you speechless.

But baby,
if people were rain, I’d be a hurricane.
and though you may think you’re strong enough to roll
with the tides
Like ambrosia,
I was made for the Gods.
Look me in the eyes and you’ll turn into stone

So don’t try and wait for the telephone to ring.
Time is what we need
and that’s a trip, right?
because what is time but space and light?
Space and Light.

I’m sorry.

I'm Sorry

Created: Jan 17, 2010


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