untitled poem

By micho.gonzo

Do me a favor.
Have a drink for me.
I seem to have lost my way
Or my mind.
I can't decide.
Can you hear them?
The dear heads on the wall.
Whispering trying to tell me which way is up,
which way to go.
They contradict each other.
It's annoying.
I wish they'd stop.
I used to be on the right path.
Climbing up that ladder.
But one of the rungs was loose.
I fell through.
I hit the ground
and lost all sense of direction.
All sense of right and wrong.
The world seems not to want me.
Yet it won't let me loose.
I don't expect you to help me.
I'm not asking.
Doubt you could anyway.
I just needed to clear my throat,
Nothing more.
When I close my eyes
I feel comforted.
The world I walk in disappears.
I go somewhere else.
If I were to close my eyes now
you would cease to exist.
I don't think your ready for that.
Some other person that
at no moments notice could
forget you.
Forget all your good deeds.
Forget all your sins.
Everything that you ever stood for.
Yes I'm just some stranger.
Some man that knows nothing about you.
But there has to be someone that knows
everything about you.
So I ask you.
Are you doing your part
to keep them from forgetting you?
I've already been forgotten.
I could only hope to be remembered.
I will never find my way back.
I've come to accept that.
Let us hope that you never have to.
Thanks for listening.
Have another drink on me.
Here's to you. Here's to me.

untitled poem

Created: Jan 16, 2010

Tags: forgotten, free verse, dialogue, story, poetry, fiction, forget, remembered, remember, bar, favor

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