edgar allen poem

By micho.gonzo

Edgar Allen poem its just another game

So the clock
Isaiah never paid attention to it
He didnít like the idea of being controlled by a timepiece
The clock hits three
The pendulum swings
He suddenly wakes up in a demented state
He takes a brick laying by the window
And throws it towards the clock
It hitís the glass
He panics he forgot the clock belonged to his grandfather
Who was out of town but was due back at anytime
He thinks quick
He pulls up some floor boards
Grabs an ax from the shed outside
Chop chop chop
The clock is no longer a clock
It is now a pile of tinder
He wraps his destruction in a family quilt
He places the bundle under the ripped up floor boards
He grabs a heavy boot
He uses the heel to nail the boards back on
bang bang bang
On the last hit he smacks his finger and it begins to bleed
Now there is blood all over the floor
He hears a knock on the door
Knock knock knock
Who is it? He yells
The landlord, I am going to have to ask you to quiet down
Ok there's nothing wrong in here, nothing at all
His heart
Thump thump thump
Just quiet down and stop that thumping noise
He's confused how can he hear that
Its not Isaiahís heart
Itís the clock its mocking me
No Isaiah its not that either
Remember you chopped it up and buried it
Yes right it cant be
It has to be someone else making that terrible racket
Grandpa he yells
Hes not here Isaiah
Grandpa, again he yells
Dammit he's gone your just insane that's all
Thump thump thump
There it is again its coming from the kitchen
He walks into the kitchen
He sees a crack in the wall
He grabs a boot
Whack whack whack
The drywall starts to fall apart
Stop it Isaiah I am warning you
No I can still hear it
Thump thump thump
Its coming from the other side of this brick wall
No I was wrong I think itís the clock after all
Shut up just shut up and let me think
He grabs a butter knife and starts to chip away at the mortar
Its fresh its easy to carve through
Stop it
thats him
Hes calling my name, its grandpa
Your wrong Isaiah that was me
No one else cares enough about you to pronounce your name
No, he does, grandpa does
He starts to remove the bricks
The hole he is making is getting bigger
I broke your clock grandpa I am sorry
Thump thump...thump
I buried it in nanas quilt
Its under the floor boards
Ill buy you a new one
The wall starts to fall on its own
It reveals a vault
Open it, youíve come this far
He turns the lock
Click click click
The door opens
He enters the vault
He finds a tiny tape recorder
Its on a loop
The noise it makes
Thump thump thump
Click.. He presses stop
Why would someone put this in vault
Maybe someone's playing a trick on you Isaiah
Is it you are you trying to drive me insane
Your already there the drive is over, you've parked the car
Bought your tickets and your getting ready for the ride
What are you talking about
The vault suddenly shuts
Bam...bam bam
What the hell is going on let me out of here
Isaiah you've proved yourself capable of falling into a trap
Now are you capable of climbing out of one
What is this, what are doing to me
The small flicker of light turns on twelve stories above
Isaiah, do you wanna play a game.
Tick tick tick.

edgar allen poem

Created: Jan 16, 2010

Tags: prose, poetry, story, free verse, fiction, satire, edgar allen poe, inspiration

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