Where Steffunny comes from

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Having moved around a few times, I feel that the process of going somewhere new and re-learning where you fit in a community really shapes people. So both literally and figuratively, I come from a bunch of cities meshed together.

Toronto: Always fast-paced and always lively
Liberal and accepting of others
Goal-orientated, self-absorbed

Scarborough: Multicultural cesspool
A collaboration of thoughts and ways of thinking
Street gangs, street graffiti, street smarts
On the ball

Markham: Boring, monotone, socially-retarded suburb
Independent, dependent
Indecisive, confused
...I learned what I didn't like and got away from it

Waterloo: Spirited, life of the city
Thriving, brains of the country
Love, life, living, learning, growing in this student city

In the rest of this album, http://hitrecord.org/records/266616, are a few illustrations that represent where I've been.

Created: Nov 19, 2010


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