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Twas the day after Thanksgiving
And all through the house
Everyone had forgotten
What yesterday was about

The fridge was now full
With leftover yams
Leftover turkey
And leftover ham

And leftover pies
Both pumpkin and apple
And even a half-drank leftover
16-oz bottle of Snapple

The family was sleepy
Tryptophan still flowed
In all of their veins
But from bed they arose

Up with a clatter
And out with a shriek
My teenage girls
Were acting like freaks!

“Today’s the great day!”
I heard one of them resound
As they drove out of sight
Towards the mall in our town

Then my wife with her gown
In a pile on the ground
Had slipped on her sneakers
Without a sound

Through the back door she snuck
Thinking she had got away unseen
But I – on the couch
Had an ear that was keen

I heard her drive off
I knew where she was going
I think I felt some comfort
Just from the knowing

So I turned on the set
With the remote from the shelf
Its times like these that the DVR
In my house pays for itself!

All morning today
While the family was gone
With the whole house to myself
The game would be on!

It was then that my young son
Only six years grown
Came down the stairs asking,
“Where’s everyone gone?”

“Shopping” I said
With a grin so wide
That he took a step back
Then he sat down beside

“What was yesterday about?”
He asked – he really meant it too
So I answered, “My son,
It was all about you.”

“No way!” he decreed,
Then he snickered with glee
And wiggled and squirmed
In his vast disbelief

“Way!” I said back
“I want you to know
That Thanksgiving was made
So we all can show

“Our love for each other
Yearly we eat
Celebrating with turkey
And all sorts of meat

“And gravy and dressing
And that yucky red stuff too
All because we love each other
Especially you!”

He sat there awhile
Staring back with his jaw dropped
I knew we weren’t done yet
His questioning hadn’t stopped

I heard him exclaim
As I waited for more of the same
“Pass me the pretzels,
And let’s watch the game!”

Created: Nov 19, 2010


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