Owl of Boatmeal

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Amidst the tides of Boatmeal sails an owl, brown and white,
and through the waves (he's very brave),
commits to a dangerous plight.

For in the oated, wind-rocked waves a squid sometimes awakens,
and through the oat (it rocks the boat),
the owl calls her Quaken.

Boatmeal heaves a mighty sigh and oated waves reveal,
the owl's hoot (Quaken's quite cute!),
a marvelous appeal.

The owl says "come sail with me" and Quaken comes to see,
the tiny bowl (and spoon flagpole),
and says "too small for me!"

Owl asks his love to wait and firmly bear the weather,
"a bowl to the sky, for you and I,
so we can sail together."

Created: Nov 19, 2010


atlas Document Media