Owl & Octoped in the Oatmeal

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Swiftly sailing on the sea,
Owl observes an obviously
shy squid swimming; she
orates, “Octoped! Over by me!”

Bouncing the bowl-boat
over outrageous oats,
battling big breezes’ bloat,
Owl and Octoped over-float.

Beneath broad, beclouded blue-tile
sea-farers sense similar styles.
Before beginning to beguile
Squid and Sailor-owl slyly smile.

(This got tough toward the end. Blue-tile for sky? :/ plus the meter got kind of messed up in the middle. I would love to see a remix of this, OR if someone can do a voice-over and animate Soupy's picture and maybe add some music ... well that would just be awesome:) I REsourced Seize the Seas! because I really used Metaphorest's style as an inspiration for this piece)

Created: Nov 19, 2010


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