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No on has ever made
Me feel like a fool.
No one except for her...
I believed that I finally
Found her again.
My other half,
The One,
My soul mate.
I rejoiced in our love
like a flower basking in the sunlight.
Thanking God each moment
For bestowing upon me such a treasure.
It was a privilege not a right.
A gift not a luxury.
But like gold plated coins
It was only skin deep.
It didn't take long
For the paint to crack and chip away
Funny how you see things in hindsight
How can anyone truly love
If they can't every be honest?
Without Honesty there is no Trust
Without Trust there is no Love.
If the new foundation
Began AGAIN with Lies
How did she ever think that
We could build anything that could last?
Did I have things to work on myself? Yes.
Was I honest? Yes.
Did I try? Yes.
Did she finish what was started years before? Yes.
I thought I couldn't be broken again.
I believed it would be for real this time.
More Lies....
But no one ever made me feel like a fool...
Just her.
I always said I was a helpless romantic.
And I was.
Now I'm left with the ugly truth.
There is No Love out there.
Not the kind I want.
Not the kind I was bread to believe in.
The kind that was fed to me as a child.
It doesn't exist.
What they tell you is a Lie.
But ignorance is bliss, for some.
I rather have the truth no matter how ugly it is.
Beautiful Lies make your heart turn to glass.
Shattered glass, if it ever can be put together again
Will never be beautiful again.
I will continue on because there is more to life than Love.
There has to be.

Created: Nov 19, 2010


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