Drums, in 30 SEConds or less

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This is a 30 SECond video I did on drums for the "30 SEConds or less" collaboration.

Created: Nov 19, 2010

Tags: eleven elevens, edits, burn, hitrecord, burns breezy, 11/11, playing, fire, regularity has power, deeasherself, burning dan, drums, summer in the city, narration, beat, voiceover, equipment, heart, burning, brothers, spinning, concert, edit, regular joe, collaboration, symbal, logo, regualrity is here, november 11th, cymbal, family, concise, the regularity, short, beats, sitc, 2, drum set, 11:11, drumming, drummers, voice, condensed, strike, spoken word, hitting, 30 seconds or less, drum sticks, narrator, dan, regularjoe, The REGULARITY Is Near, 2009, hit, los angeles, brief, instruments, november 11, sticks, poi, again by heart, rec room

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