The Bars Will Rattle

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The Bars Will Rattle
by Daniel "Phoenix" De Lafe

Too long have I sat in silence, lacking of word,
only to conjure many
in a burst of expression to irritated ears.
My opposition: "it is absurd."

Too long has my kin, lacking in wisdom,
allowed greed to lay
the foundation for their world.
They have disguised the kingdom.

Too long have those selfish stones been tread upon;
another to be owned
with every step forward.
We continue to lament in creative song.

Too long have the wolves swayed the herds of cattle,
when they themselves are enslaved
by their lacking compassion.
There is a shepherd in us all, so the bars will rattle.

Our souls will be shaken
by the material misshapen.

Created: Nov 18, 2010


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