Re:Nacirema Dreams

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Crossing country lines, chefs beyond borders/"Maria Full of Grace" undermines re-upped orders/Get behind the mule, got to get the paper/"In God We Trust" is fuel, states it’s for all favors/Cardinals in the Gremlin, different cold war/Method actors assembling, trading in gold hordes/Decipher "Tropic Thunder", define "Pineapple Express"/The fiber optics blunder, refined experiences of excess/Am I not a human being? Am I some kind of monster?/All these red eyes I’m seeing and no one will respond here/Expect the investigations, over misuse of terms and flagged messages/Respect the explanations, covertly dragged out but I have the leverage/No matter the personal attacks or lack of evidence, all I need is reverence/As this packaged arrogance is ready to fire at you in end scenes of severance/Caught the cream, cashed in the denied dream/Clashed with the laws' schemes, dashed from high beams/But it seems no one man should have all that power/If I ruled the world I'd empower/And not rule the world as it's ours/As animal farms are feeding fear, what cowards/With guns that drop cop instincts in rush hours/As the return of a King devours/Stunned fellow ring side seats with two towers/For pillars of truthiness represent dealers of Machiavelli's superpower/Unless the youth resists instead of cowering to the arbitrary miles per hour/If safety is our top priority why do you orally morally object to the rights of the majority that is divided into minorities instead of protecting the future's seniority from suffering before they're worn out in head and no longer a priority to most forms that breathe more than the followers that they misled while ignoring the dead

Created: Nov 17, 2010


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