Stranger Good

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This is part of Landmines for the Fountain of Youth, which is a collection of lyrical poems that I've been writing over the past few years. Take it away.

A Stranger Good

Thought, i never thought i would
Seek to sink as low as as i could
Just to see, see if i should
Stick around for a change of mood
Instead of still striving for a stranger good

Tough, though i must say i’m getting better
At not getting worse
I’m still looking for new ways to alter
And curse the universe
The world she share, or thought we did
The swords we cross, the bombs we praise
The words we gloss over the tombs we raise
The world we scare, the wars we share
They cheer me up and out of despair
The hands we tie, the cells we lock
Each hides a lie, each tells a joke
It’s safe, it’s sound, it’s the law
Sometimes it fair, and sometimes it’s Guantanamo
But fuck man! if the “joke” is on you
You’re case number 187-4-2
Maybe you were speeding, maybe you were buying weed
Maybe you were protesting this system, but that’s a human need
Maybe just get a fine and a night in jail
But the fear they set in you has no bail
No cure, no end, no make-over
Like herpes and love, that shit is forever

And it stays inside, and it sprays out
This wave of righteousness
This tsunami of doubt
At the sight of a badge, at the ring of a bell
We find ourselves under Pavlov’s spell
You may cry in fright when the handcuffs close tight
You may also rise and fight
And tell that fucking cop you know you’re fucking rights
But what rights are left in fact
When you live in america
Under the patriotic act?
The right to be happy
To live to tell the tale
The right to think that you’re free
While buying the lie they sell
To you, the un, to all humans who can still believe
That democracy isn’t yet another disguised thief
And i’m still around, waiting for the mood to change
Even if our definition of good remains a bit strange
I’m still around
Watching us all getting better
At not getting worse
While still looking for new ways to deter
And torture the universe
Till the end of times arrives
As if it hadn't already
The end of the times as i knew them, or thought i did
The times we shared, stuck between Bush and Blaire
These times declare a war on space and we just stare
At this space in time while whispering a prayer
For our soulless state of mind
Our heartless, numb and blind
Successful scum of-a-kind
We whisper a prayer of change, of hope
We vote for Obama and prepare the rope
To hang him high and short as a last resort
When we can't cope with loosing our golden dope
Our 401Ks, our retirement dreams
Our florida homes and bath of sunbeams
What we now call, the american scream 

But it’s not like we hadn’t seen
Our blue world toning green
Green we mold we’ve been told
Green with greed we’ve been sold
And yet we bet once again more than we can wage
And slip through congress not one, but two rescue package
To resurrect our crumbling economy with a blank check
That we borrowed from China and various other Arabs Sheiks
And will pay back with that world famous american handshake
Yes, we’ve set a price on freedom
And it’s our slavery to the dow jones
Our homegrown deficit
Thrown out dead center of the battle zone
Let him who has no loan, cast the first stone
I repeat
Let him who has no loan, cast the first stone
Upon the future we’ve spawned

How long did we expect to last on specs
How were we going to eject out of the wreck
When the wall street market’d go thru the deck
Wasn’t it a bit suspect, when we thrived
While everyone else took a dive
If all else fails, this is the story of our lives
Our war is a conflict against the inevitable
We are terrorized to loose it
We are terrorized to win it
And i think this is as good a time, and as good a place as it will ever get to just say
fuck it

Fuck taking responsibility for two thousand years of irresponsibility
Fuck you all, and fuck me
For getting better at not getting worse
Fuck it if we face death or rebirth
Fuck finding new ways to nurse the universe
The world we shared, or thought we did
Before we started killing each other’s kids
Over some land some nameless god gave us
As a gift set with a book in prose and verse
Sometimes this god is found in a pill
Sometimes on a dollar bill
But it’s at church that He seals the deal
You see, we kill by tradition
We’ve acquired the skills to realize god’s will
Whatever that is
Whatever we make it be
Fuck you all, and fuck me
For making it overpopulated and undernourished
The will of god
Ruled by the eugenic world squad
The new hurled order
The force behind the friction we are all feeling
Maybe filling us with fright
Maybe filling us with spite
We can either fight or flight
But we can’t rewrite when we went wrong
And let each other down
As brothers, as nations
When we decided to play this game
Of us against them
Them against us
And everyone against the earth
The land we name, frame, and enflame
To tame our insane brains
Strained on straight cocaine, power, faith and money
Cocaine, power, faith and money
My morning cocktail for a good day
The only way to live is to recognize our limitations
Our addictions,
Our history of hysteria
As a glorified bacteria

The only way to leave our limitations
Our addictions behind
Is to look deep in our guts
And realize that we are all just as fucked up

Created: Nov 17, 2010


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