Ämpersand: Lungs & Venison

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Ämpersand: Lungs & Venison

The road tilts a little tonight
Maybe the implied catch of alcohol
Is relevant
Because deer stand in the way
And the driver begins to swerve off road
The rear view mirror hanging
The paint dead
And windows killed
Criticism is needed
And not in attendance tonight?
A crowd of morally right
And a news reporter
Ready to spit and broadcast irrelevance
At this truck, at this person

But it looks like the driver
Doesn’t care
And the radio’s on
White noise is still enjoyed by the driver
Even during the accomplishment of self-abhorrence
And tonight,
I’m that person, the driver
And I’m asking myself-
“Is it a little too late to apologize?”
And I’m recognizing that I want feedback
But 911 wasn’t dialed
So there’s no one to witness pity

Alcohol seems to almost answer
Mr. Jack Daniels doesn’t really talk much
But he knows I drink a lot
That observation is feedback enough

Cigarettes are relevant
Even when I’m drinking hard and driving
(But especially when I drink)
And it makes me happy to know
That at least my lungs match the colour
Of my eyes
Of my tux
And burnt phone messages
The same ones that hold hostage
And fills my phone
With messages that people
Leave to say:
That they were sorry that you burned dying
And where those people are?
There still at the funeral service
The one I left early
Because a bar that serves hard liquor
Is a better place for a funeral service
Too bad I crashed because of deer

Then again,
I don’t think it’s quite appropriate
To smoke
When our house died from arsenal
And that question leans on my shoulder again
“Is it a little too late?”
But I don’t suppose you’re able to sit
And sip coffee
Over this, nonetheless answer

Having that your lungs match mine
Is too much of coincidence
But again,
It’s a little to harsh
Because I smoke
And you
-you burned your lungs
Because it was my fault
I smoke
Maybe a little too much
My lit up cigarette
Dropped and lit the house
Because we-
Maybe we argue too much
It was your birthday
And instead of candles
I lit the house just for you
Happy birthday

We weren’t lovers
We just wanted sex and money
Love wasn’t relevant only sweat

You’re too stupid
Like deer
Standing in the damn way
But I am sorry
That you cooked like venison

But I’m guessing
Since you are who you are
Passionate, glowing, and forgiving
But again,
It’s a little too late to apologize
I deserve less
I deserve this
This crash was gifted for me
Wrapped with a ribbon of smoke
Around this burning truck ready to be lit
Tonight, during my birthday
Happy birthday to me

But I knew
Your answer
“…never too late.”

But I deserve this

Created: Nov 17, 2010


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