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And where you are right now is about a million miles away from here
A million from miles from who we were and who we’re supposed to be
Sometimes I hear you in the deepest dreams
I’ll see your face and feel your life as it it’s not truly gone away from the places here on Earth
There’s pieces of you in every single day and I pick up the pieces and try to hold onto them
Each piece makes you real and makes your memory live right beside me in every moment of every day
I hear your voice so deep inside my head, reminding me that “everything happens for a reason”
And you always knew that and you always felt that way
But how do you feel now? How do I feel now?
The reasons hide in the mystery of what lies ahead in the future
And whatever makes it okay for someone I love so much to be so far away for so long
And I know Heaven sure beats life on earth
But do you hear me talk out loud and tell you things every day?
It might be wrong of me to wonder and feel the need for the answers to these questions
But maybe someday I’ll realize the meaning behind how it feels right now to miss you each day
Maybe I'll learn from this... grow back a new heart,
But for now it's still broken...or maybe it's not even there at all.

Created: Nov 15, 2010

Tags: in memory, loss of self, friendship

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