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Before, I feared the turn of events
That would come to define and destroy our relationship
I wondered if breath was possible without you.

And then I realized
That nothing was dependent on just you.
And that maybe, just maybe, you weren’t who I thought you were.

I had blamed myself,
Because it was easier than believing that you had me fooled
For all those days.

Your hand is now cold in mine,
While your lips move, and I barely hear you speak.

I had once childishly thought that you,
Your hand,
Had touched my soul.

My soul?
You were barely worthy of my thoughts.
The events?
I’m glad they happened.

Because now,
Though sometimes it feels like you took every bit of me
And stomped and spit
I know that I’ll recover.

I will no longer allow myself to succumb to the same mistakes.
My life hinges on no one.

I know that I’m better off without you,
And better off than I was before.

Created: Nov 15, 2010


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