..And I Come From..

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I come from laughter

From Barbie Cars

& Lightning bug jars

From "happily ever after"


I come from coloring books

From baby booties

& Boys having cooties

From gobbledygook


I come from Mom's high-heels

From Lite-Brites

& Snowball fights

From Michael's Big Wheel


I come from Red-Rover stances

From 3D spectacles

& Turtlenecktacles

From Father-Daughter dances


I come from Play-Doh creating

From rock, paper, scissors

& Family Sunday dinners

From roller-rink skating


I come from eating with sporks

From Candy Land's spaces

& Pancakes with faces

From, well, in all honesty..the stork.

Created: Nov 15, 2010


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