Reading to Birds in the Snow: remix

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[// Who isn't a fan of Tori and her amazing RECords? I could go on and on about her wonderful style and massive imagination, but I don't know if she could take it, really.

I am proud of this song. There isn't much to it, and the video quality is horrible because I (as stated earlier) cannot edit video at all. But I wanted to capture the soft loneliness to what I felt was some grayed-out melancholy. Not too bad, I suppose. Go check out Tori's original. Much prettier. //]

Another wonderful video from Tori; I decided to put in some background music for it. (I hope you can forgive the compression - I haven't been able to work out .wmv files perfectly just yet...I'll post the entire MP3 RECord on my main page if anyone wants to get the picture a little clearer...)

Created: Jan 16, 2010


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