Fruit of the Nevernotwuz tree a.k.a. Pamagotchi fruit

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Here's a picture of the Pamagotchi fruit inspired by remarks by todd68976, shadow88storm and moonbug to the "aka Pamagotchi Pie" record. todd68976 pointed out the original image, shadow88storm suggested the interesting idea of buttons for seeds, moonbug provided further description of the fruit.

I was trying to keep the meat light coloured, the seeds some shade of red, and the skin a darker red like the hearts we see hanging off the Nevernotwuz tree in the coloured stitchpunk picture.

Also, <3 to mnghali for the original photo (I've never tried the chirimoya fruit before, but after reading the descriptions - of the actual fruit, that is - I'm very curious to try how it tastes) and sb324 for providing so many pretty buttons to choose from~

Created: Nov 14, 2010


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